What is a Moot Court about?

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What is a Moot Court about?

A moot court is a simulated court trial, in which teams of students prepare papers with respect to a problem of European Studies and present their arguments within oral proceedings. The team with the best written and oral statements regarding correct analysis and argumentation as well as presentation and style (i.e. persuasiveness) in pleading wins. One can thus say that a Moot Court is a kind of a simulation game under the specific requirement of rather formalized proceedings before a jury and confinement to arguments that, although they might be political, should contain a legal core.

The objects of a Moot Court are to promote awareness of European Studies, to promote expertise in the practise of European law and to provide practical experience in preparing papers and arguing. The aim will be to learn how to face a problem, work on it as a team, research, discuss, argue, present papers, and then plead before a bench of other students in the field. By learning how to organize their work, to work as a team, respecting all points of view, and challenging themselves to act professionally and seriously, one team will win the competition.

In this context you are forced to exercise your general knowledge and understanding of EC law and principles. You should demonstrate and practise your ability in correct analysis and argumentation; i.e. clarity of argument, complete and correct recognition and weighting of problems. After all, an eloquent use of English language is demanded.

Mixed teams from each University prepare submissions setting out arguments on behalf of both opponents, the Applicant and Defendant, The written submissions are sent to a panel of judges made up of students, who will during the second stage act as Judges of the Moot Court in the competition.

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